Abbaye de Gellone - Saint Guilhem le Désert © OTISGVH
Pont du Diable - Aniane © OTISGVH
Abbaye de Gellone - Saint Guilhem le Désert © OTISGVH

Grotte de Clamouse, Monument of time

Saint Jean de Fos, Clamouse © OT SGVH

Come and admire the Grotte de Clamouse in the heart of ‘Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert Hérault Gorges’ Classified Site.

The Grotte de Clamouse kept its secrets for millenniums. It was only in 1945 that a team from a Montpellier potholing club discovered this amazing underground world.

The galleries of the Grotte de Clamouse open just a few hundred meters from the Pont du Diable at the edge of the Hérault Gorge. It is a subterranean wonder that the the water has been ceaselessly embellishing for millions of years. It owes its fame to the beauty, variety, abundance and uniqueness of its concretions.

The cave has been classified by the Ecology and Development Ministry as ‘A Scientific and Picturesque Site’. Out of concern for the protection of this fragile environment, the cave’s network of lighting was completely replaced with energy-saving lamps (LED) in 2010. Clamouse is the first tourist cave in Europe thus equipped. Interesting and original show: ‘Monument of time’. A one hour guided tour. Temperature 16 °.



Grotte de Clamouse
Route de Saint Guilhem le Désert
Tél : 33(0)4 67 57 71 05


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Abbaye de Gellone © OT SGVH

Saint Guilhem le Désert

This Classified Site, is one of the most beautiful villages in France on St James' Way to Santiago de Compostella in western Spain...

Aniane, Pont du Diable © OTISTVH

Pont du Diable

Situated at the outlet of the Herault Gorges, the Pont du Diable is registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO...

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