Empanadas viande tranchée en deux © Nahuel
Les empanadas  © Nahuel
Les empanadas dans leur boîte © Nahuel

The foodtruck "Lafuente Empanadas" proposes specialities of Latin America, the empanadas.
These are small turnovers filled with various fillings, with meat (beef or ham), vegetables or cheese. The traditional recipe
comes from Argentina, so the empanadas are golden and baked. The empanadas satisfy all tastes
and are suitable for vegetarians and children. Empanadas can be a hearty meal, they can also be eaten as an appetizer
they can also be eaten as an appetizer. In addition, there are "Alfajores con dulce de leche", a small Argentine cookie with
milk jam. In the summer, the food truck offers a gazpacho following the traditional recipe of the Argentine grandmother.
All the products of Lafuente Empanadas are made by the cook Nahuel Lafuente (dough, fillings, desserts, gazpacho)
desserts, gazpacho). Moreover, the products of season in short circuit are privileged throughout the year.

Payment possibilities

  • Credit card
  • Cheques and postal orders (F)
  • Cash
  • Eurocard - Mastercard
  • Visa


Place Étienne Sanier
Monument aux morts – Puéchabon
Argileum – St Jean de Fos
34150 ANIANE

GPS coordinates : 43.68566 / 3.58515

Means of communication

  • Email address :
  • Cell phone : +33 7 77 96 20 00


from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023

Type of catering

  • Food Truck

Culinary specialities

  • South American cuisine
  • Vegetarian cuisine


Reception of groups : no